What Are You Looking At In Poker Games?

You’ve no doubt heard the myth about needing a poker face to play the game well. I’m going to let you in on a little secret today. Poker isn’t about reading facial tics—it’s about reading people.

What Are You Looking At In Poker Games

What’s the difference you ask?

Well, when you hear the term, ‘reading your opponent,’ it doesn’t necessarily mean that you are looking for body language clues. More often than not, the tells you’re looking for come from reading your opponents’ betting patterns.

There is a famous poker player out there who claims that he can “see through your soul.” No, he can’t. Trust me. Some top pros might want you to believe that type of hype so they can garner a psychological edge over you.

The truth is, an elite poker player doesn’t focus much on body language. Instead, he tries to understand how you think based on the hands you play and how you play them. He isn’t looking for some obscure nostril flare or eye twitch to make a decision, but you can bet he’s delving into his memory bank and comparing notes from previous hands.

He’s likely asking himself questions such as, “How much did my opponent bet the last time he was bluffing?” Or, “When he flops three of a kind, does he usually check to trap me or does he bet right out to protect his hand?”

So, those physical tells that television commentators like to go on about are for the most part a bunch of hogwash! Watch me on television and you’ll see that I make all kinds of strange faces. Good luck trying to figure out what they mean.

Reading tells and reading people are two separate skills that are often lumped together, but they are, in fact, very different.

Reading tells is the ability to recognize the way people look when they are bluffing versus telling the truth. Reading people deals more with the ability to understand how someone thinks based on various clues you can put together.

How to Read Tells

The first thing you’ll need to do is simply pay attention. This applies not only when you are in a hand, but also when you’ve folded and are waiting for the next deal. Study your opponents and look for any behavioral patterns you can find.

For example, maybe you see one of your opponents cover his mouth before he pushes in a big bet. After the hand, he shows that he was bluffing. Does he also cover his mouth when he has a strong hand? If not, you may have just picked up a valuable tell.

The more you practice this skill of picking up subtle clues about your opponents, the more pots you’ll be picking up.

How to Read People

Now this is really where it’s at. Poker is a game of people, first and foremost, and understanding how an opponent thinks will go a long way toward giving you a significant advantage over him.

How To Read People In Poker Online Site

To do this, you need to think like a detective by putting clues together and trying to understand what they mean. This could be anything from studying what your opponent is wearing to ascertaining what he does for a living. People unwittingly reveal all kinds of clues about themselves.

Here’s a case study:

A man with a hairy chest wearing an unbuttoned open shirt that reveals tons of gold chains sits at your table. He smells a little bit off, stacks his chips recklessly and smokes incessantly. His fingernails are dirty and he won’t stop shaking his knee.

Right off the bat, you know a good amount about this person, because you’ve already asked yourself this important question: Is he likely to be patient, scared, and conservative, or is he more likely to be an impatient, fearless, and aggressive player?

If you guessed the former, you may want to find a new hobby like checkers or something. For more clues, now go ahead and ask him some questions. “What do you do for a living?” is always a good one.

If he says he’s a lawyer, well, you know who not to trust, right? If he claims he’s a math teacher, chances are you’re dealing with a very analytical player Poker Online.

Or, if he swears he’s a Sunday school teacher, you might be dealing with someone who is uncomfortable telling lies, or, in this case, already bluffing.

The bottom line: Reading tells and reading people are both very real skills, and, when used together, make for a deadly combination.

What You Should Know About Slot Machines

What You Should Know About Slot Machines

You can’t force a big jackpot, no matter how many coins you feed into a machine. No slot is ever “due” to hit. Jackpots are created by a computer chip inside the machine. They happen at random; if you’re lucky you’ll be at the right machine at the right time.

In the meantime, your aim should be to “play for playing money”. And that’s what this booklet is all about. Going home broke after every casino visit is no fun. I’ll show you how to change direction towards keeping more money in your pocket

The aim is to recycle the same bankroll over and over, instead of finding new money every time you go to chase that elusive jackpot. It’s not that hard, if you let 47 Ways To Beat The Slots be your guide.

If you’ve been playing slots for some time, you’re probably familiar with the various machines and how they work. In that case you may want to skip the rest of this first chapter.

For those readers who are relative newcomers to the slot scene, here’s a rundown on the different types of machines and how they work. Reading this overview will also help you understand some of the peculiar lingo used in slot play:

Standard or Basic Slots
Regular or standard slot machines have a fixed jackpot that never changes. Standard models with a relatively small to medium sized jackpot generally hit a winning combination more often. The ones offering a huge top prize pay smaller amounts less frequently.

Progressive Slots
On progressive machines a tiny percentage of every bet goes towards increasing the jackpot amount until someone wins it.

Specialty Slots
Over the last few years more and more “multi-event/gamewithin-a-game” machines appear on casino floors. Two of the most popular examples are Wheel of Fortune and Piggy Bank slots. There are many others.

Double-Up Slots
These are machines with “double” symbols. If you get a winning combination that includes the double icon, the payoff amount is doubled. And it gets better, if the winning combination includes two “double” symbols the payoff is quadrupled!

“Wild” Symbols
“Wild jokers”, “wild cherries” or other “wild” images should not be confused with double-up symbols. They simply substitute for any other paying symbol, but they do not increase the payout amount.

Individual Progressive
An individual progressive machine is self-contained, it does not receive from or contribute to another machine.

Linked Progressives
As the name implies, linked progressives are groups of machines that are electronically hooked-up to contribute to one common jackpot that can get quite large.

Multi-Location Progressives
Hitting the jackpot on one of these machines is what everyone likes to dream about. Hundreds of machines, located in many different casinos, all feed that giant pot of gold. Your odds of winning those millions are about the same as those for winning the lottery. But then, someone always wins the lottery too.

Single-Line Slots Online
Single-line machines pay only if the winning combination appears on the center line. They generally accept two or three coins maximum and feature bar symbols with the traditional 7’s denoting the top prize. This is the most popular type of machine.

Multi-Line Slots
These models have three to five paylines, offering more chances to line up a winning combination. However, they require an additional coin for each line and they almost always pay the jackpot only if maximum coins are inserted.

The “RNG”
Today’s slot machines are run by computer generated programs. It’s a microchip that triggers the random selection and decides what symbols the reels will stop at. Hence that little microprocessor, known as a random number generator (RNG), controls when and how much a machine pays out.

Hasilkan Jutaan Rupiah Dari Mesin Slot Online Di IDN Sport

Payout Table
The display, usually at the top of the machine, that tells you how many coins you’ll collect for the various symbol combinations. Sometimes there are also special directions, relating to the payouts, printed on that panel.

Credit Meter
Instead of coins falling into the tray, when you win, all newer machines have a “credit meter” that displays your coin balance from spin to spin. Instead of having to count what’s in the tray, you can see at a glance where you stand. Don’t forget to cash out when you leave!

Payout Percentages
All machines are programmed to pay out a certain percentage of all the money they take in. If you see a machine advertised as returning 97%, it means that over a very long period of time it will pay out 97 cents for every dollar it collected. It does not guarantee you’re going to get back $97 for every hundred you put in.

Hold Percentages
The opposite of payout percentages. If a machine pays back 97% it keeps 3%. Therefore that particular machine has a 3% hold. In most jurisdictions hold percentages are regulated by law and can be as high as 25%. Although in very competitive markets the numbers will likely be in the 2% to 10% range.

The random number generator (RNG) does just that. It generates numbers at random, which translate into losing and winning combinations on the reels.

Over the long term it’ll produce a number of large and small wins that will add up to precisely the payback percentage it was programmed for. But in the short term you can experience cycles when an abnormal number of winning or losing combinations appear. In other words, deviations from the norm.

Maximum Coin Play
Slot machines take from one to five (sometimes more) coins per spin. In most cases it is advisable to always play all the coins the machine will accept for every hand.

Short-Coin Play
Inserting less than maximum coins is generally not recommended. But on some machines, under certain circumstances, playing one coin at a time can actually be advantageous.

Ilusi Kendali Taruhan Sepakbola

Ilusi Kendali Dalam Taruhan Sepakbola

Orang cenderung salah menafsirkan rasa kendali dalam situasi yang secara inheren acak, tidak terkendali, atau tidak dapat diprediksi. Ilusi kontrol ini terutama berkaitan dengan taruhan sepakbola, dan karenanya harus menjadi sesuatu yang dipahami dan dicoba dijaga oleh semua petaruh. Baca terus untuk mengetahui caranya.

Kebutuhan manusia akan kendali

Kami tampaknya terprogram untuk mencari kausalitas – menemukan korelasi di mana tidak ada – dan berjuang untuk melihat peristiwa sebagai independen. Manusia purba memiliki pemahaman yang sangat terbatas tentang mekanisme lingkungan yang keras sehingga mati-matian berusaha menyimpulkan sebab atau akibat tindakan untuk peristiwa yang acak, atau terlalu kompleks untuk dipahami. Takhayul dan ritual muncul sebagai cara untuk mendapatkan kendali, dan ini masih sangat jelas hingga hari ini.

Eksperimen yang menarik menggambarkan perilaku ini tepat di seluruh dunia hewan, salah satu yang paling terkenal adalah yang dilakukan oleh psikolog Harvard B. F. Skinner.

Pada tahun 1948 Skinner memperkenalkan food hopper pada interval waktu tertentu ke dalam kandang merpati. Merpati tidak memiliki pengaruh atas frekuensi makan, tetapi perilaku apa pun yang mereka tunjukkan saat makanan diperkenalkan – menganggukkan kepala, menoleh – menjadi terkondisi sebagai penyebab munculnya makanan. Setiap merpati mengembangkan ritual unik yang menurutnya memicu hadiah.

Hal yang sama berlaku untuk manusia, yang mengasosiasikan rasa kendali dengan berbagai ritual (misalnya menghindari kucing hitam, tidak pernah berjalan di bawah tangga). Ini masih terjadi hari ini di tempat yang kurang jelas. Studi tentang pedagang kota, misalnya, telah menunjukkan bahwa mereka merasakan kendali atas sistem acak.

Temuan Skinner membawanya untuk mendefinisikan apa yang dia sebut Pengondisian Operan – tanggapan yang memperkuat, menghukum, atau memiliki dampak netral pada perilaku. Pilihan pribadi memainkan peran besar dalam penguatan dan permainan casino memberikan contoh yang bagus untuk ini.

Pengaruh pilihan pribadi

Mayoritas permainan casino sepenuhnya acak, namun petaruh menunjukkan keyakinan irasional pada kemampuan mereka untuk mengontrol hasil di mana mereka dapat menegaskan pilihan pribadi.

Situs Judi Bola Online

Kecenderungan ini diilustrasikan oleh penjudi yang bertaruh lebih banyak ketika mereka yang melempar dadu di Craps, atau memutar bola ke roda roulette. Dalam kedua contoh, petaruh menunjukkan keyakinan irasional pada kemampuan mereka untuk mengontrol hasil acak karena mereka menggunakan pilihan pribadi dalam proses permainan. Ini juga benar dengan proxy, seperti ketika petaruh membonceng taruhan seseorang yang beruntung – seseorang yang dianggap memegang kendali.

Lotere memberikan ilustrasi lain tentang ilusi kontrol karena pemain lebih percaya diri pada potensi kesuksesan saat memainkan nomor mereka sendiri, daripada entri yang dibuat oleh mesin. Mengingat hasilnya sepenuhnya acak, peluang suksesnya sama.

Faktanya, pilihan lotere acak sering kali meningkatkan potensi kemenangan karena penggunaan umum tanggal lahir untuk angka. Peluang untuk menang sama, tetapi kemungkinan berbagi hadiah meningkat karena pilihan condong ke angka dari 1 menjadi 31, menurunkan potensi pembayaran.

Dalam contoh casino, perilaku yang menghasilkan kesuksesan – bagaimana bola dilempar, ritual yang terlibat – akan diperkuat, sedangkan perilaku yang menghasilkan kegagalan cenderung menghasilkan respons hukuman, menurunkan kecenderungan kita untuk mengulanginya.

Namun, karena kehidupan dan taruhan tidak bisa begitu saja direduksi menjadi definisi sempit tentang kesuksesan dan kegagalan, dan penyebabnya, potensi untuk memperkuat perilaku secara tidak rasional sangatlah besar.

Informasi berbahaya dan jebakan nyaris

Anda mungkin pernah mendengar ungkapan ‘sedikit informasi adalah hal yang berbahaya’. Hal ini terutama berlaku dalam taruhan, di mana rasa pemberdayaan bahwa tingkat pengetahuan tentang tim, olahraga, atau acara, menimbulkan rasa pemahaman dan kemampuan prediksi yang berlebihan.

Di mana kesuksesan mengikuti, tetapi tidak harus seperti yang diharapkan, petaruh sepakbola sering menyesuaikan logika pilihan mereka untuk mencocokkan apa yang terjadi, menghasilkan penguatan yang dijelaskan di atas, dan ilusi kendali.

Hal ini juga berlaku untuk jebakan nyaris, di mana petaruh mengambil cukup dorongan dari hampir melakukan sesuatu dengan benar, untuk memperkuat perilaku. Akibatnya mereka bertahan dengan apa yang mereka anggap sebagai pendekatan yang valid, padahal sebenarnya kemungkinan besar tidak ada korelasi yang valid.

Beberapa hal yang perlu diingat untuk mengurangi efek ini adalah menerima bahwa Anda tidak memiliki kendali di mana hasil acak, menguji secara sempit, hipotesis yang didefinisikan dengan jelas, satu per satu, dan tidak mengambil tip taruhan sepakbola hanya pada nilai nominal. Anda juga harus mencoba dan membedakan antara sinyal dan kebisingan bila Anda bisa.

Seperti takhayul, asosiasi patologis hasil taruhan dan perilaku tertentu sayangnya sulit untuk ditolak, karena ini adalah perilaku terprogram. Kunci untuk petaruh adalah untuk menjadi disiplin mungkin saat menarik kesimpulan dari sejarah taruhan mereka, dan menyimpan “celana keberuntungan” untuk clubbing.

Positives and Negatives of Online Poker

Positives and Negatives of Online Poker

There’s a lot to be said in favor of playing poker online, but there are pitfalls you need to avoid. You might expect that we wouldn’t try to talk down the subject of our book, but when you’re putting money on the line, you need to go in with as much knowledge as you can so you don’t get caught up.

Reasons to Play Poker Online

But why should you play online poker? It does seem odd that folks are willing to put their money in the hands of a privately held company based in the Dominican Republic, Costa Rica, or Antigua and engage in a game of chance with faceless players from around the globe who may or may not be using their wireless phone company’s unlimited nighttime calling plan to conspire against you. Then again, playing online has its advantages, not the least of which is that you can play from home, where you set the rules.

What Is This Online Poker Thing?

You can smoke or not, eat at the table, wear whatever catches your fancy, and listen to music without wearing headphones. You can also find games at any time of the day or night. Curt is a night owl who’s often up until 3:00 AM or later, which means that he hits the sweet spot for mid-day players in Great Britain, Germany, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, and Finland. Doug is more of an evening player, so he often shares tables with players from the eastern part of the United States, early starters on the Pacific coast, and the late-night players from Europe and Scan dinavia.

To top it off, you can leave game whenever you want to. It’s not uncommon for someone to log on and play for 15 minutes to kill time before their favorite television show comes on, so leaving abruptly doesn’t raise eyebrows the way it might if you drove for an hour-and-a-half to a brick-and-mortar casino, won a few hundred dollars in a nice little rush, and shoved off before your first drink arrived.

There are also procedural benefits to playing poker online. For example, the limits can be much lower than in a physical casino. Believe it or not, you can play for as little as two cents a bet—yep, that’s $0.02. Online casinos also tend to take a bit less money out of each pot (the rake) because they don’t have to pay for dealers, cocktail servers, floor personnel, or carpets. Also, because the cards are shuffled within a second after a hand ends, you will often get in 30 or more hands per half hour, as compared to 20 hands per half hour in a traditional casino.

What Is Positives and Negatives of Online Poker

When you’re a favorite to win money at your table, you want to play as many hands as you can. Yes, the rake grinds away at everyone’s bankroll, taking a few dollars out of circulation every time the cards are dealt, but with some good play on your part, you can get your share of the loot. As poker genius Mike Caro says, the chips flow clockwise around the table and eventually end up in the good players’ stacks. If you’re good at making good decisions quickly, you can play at multiple tables simultaneously and increase the number of chips coming your way.

Finally, the number of aggravations that make a game a struggle goes down when you play over the Internet. Online dealers don’t make mistakes, and the other players can’t fold out of turn, reach for their chips while watching for your reaction, or talk trash with out your permission.

Reasons Not to Play Poker Online

With that sort of build-up, you might think that online poker is the universe’s gift to gamblers. In many ways it is, but online poker does have its downside. For example, always being able to get into a game can be a bad thing, particularly if you’re prone to playing short sessions while you’re waiting for something else to happen and your mind isn’t focused on the game. If you are able to focus on poker while your kids light the grill to cook dinner, that’s fine, but if you really should be outside to make sure they don’t use gasoline instead of lighter fluid on the charcoal, be honest with yourself and at least sit a few hands out until you can be sure everything is OK.

Speaking of which, do you remember your kids? The sometimes cute and often annoying tax deductions that run around your house and eat your food? I’m sure they’d love to see their parents from time to time, even though they’d be horrified if their secret ever got out. The same thing goes for significant others, such as girlfriends, boyfriends, spouses, and pets. They all require nourishment, attention, and tender loving care, so you need to make time to get away from the neat video game you’ve found and fan the flames of whatever romance, friendship, or outside interest that makes life worth living.

One of the advantages of online play, the speed of the game and the increased number of hands you get to play per hour, is also one of the biggest downfalls for new players. We both took some time to adjust to the pace of online play, just as we went through a bit of a transition when we realized how fast casino poker games were as compared to the kitchen table games we’d played throughout college. Increasing the number of hands you play magnifies losing streaks as well as winning streaks, so your variance (a statistical measure of how much data in a set, such as your hourly poker wins and losses, jumps around) is much, much higher.

Another serious disadvantage of playing online is the lack of human contact. Yes, if you’re awkward around your fellow humans, it might seem like a dream come true to be able to play in the privacy of your own home, but the best way to overcome social awkwardness is to put yourself out there and learn. Another down side of not being able to see your competition is that there is no way to verify whether or not your opponents are sharing information.

It’s pretty easy to prevent players from exchanging information verbally in a live game, but there is absolutely no way you can detect a cell phone when you’re in one country and your opponents are somewhere around the globe. Along the same lines, you can’t see a player’s hand shake when they place a bet. You still have to decide whether that shaking means they’re nervous because they’re bluffing or because they flopped a straight flush and are afraid you won’t call, but at least the information is there for you.

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